Printed Fox Keychains

July 27, 2023

This was born out of a random idea from the fox shape I use everywhere now. ^.^

Why not make keychains! The colored ones are printed from leftover filament. Later I bought a bunch of random colors from an ebay shop but the filament turned out to be extremely bad. Still going to try to print matching ones to the pride foxes to send them along for people who pay above the minimum price.

And of course… the (heavy) metal fox! This was printed via Shapeways in bronze-steel filament and I love how it turned out. Was my first experiment with a printing service and I think it’s cute. Was thinking it would be smooth, aka mirror like, material but this works even better for a keychain when you won’t be able to see the scratches.

They also print silver, platinum and… goooooold! The platinum fox would have been over 1000€ so I passed on that. (Also felt a bit decadent to have a 50g gold chunk on my keychain.)

You can buy one if you want in plastic or just like the metal one above: