The Last Garden

May 6, 2022

This one only got a Sketchfab version so far, but never made a render of it. Here are four scenes from the story.

“A derelict garden of a civilization long gone. Cared for only by a lone AI until the technology inevitably fails.

Station log day 46495:

Power converter F-02/B went offline during maintenance check 8136. System power is now being rerouted to F-02/C. I have been unable to report the incident due to a network error. Realigning dish to constellation D and establishing connection to node D-004. Last known network sync was 14965 days ago.

Dome B-01 readings are nominal. I will instruct the Prune-o-Matic automated maintenance system to recycle 11% of the generated biomass to reach the capacity target of 80%.

Dome A-01 is still awaiting repairs after airlock malfunction. Incident was reported 24554 days ago. Automated response from station C-003 was received 24449 days ago. No further communication was received.

Resuming task biomass recycle at Dome B-01. Estimated runtime: 37M 18S.”