Commissions Terms of Service

  • Last edit: April 13, 2023

If you have any questions, you can contact me via mail at or discord Kiza#2150.


  1. I only accept Paypal or SEPA for payment. You will receive an invoice at the email address you’ve provided me.
  2. I may request advance payment before starting. You will receive the final artwork once it has been paid in full.
  3. If you wish to cancel your commission before it’s finished, I cannot refund you all of your advance payment as I have already put time into it.
  4. If I need to cancel the commission in case of unforeseen circumstances, like the world ending, I will refund you depending on how much work was already done, but never more than what was already paid.

Time frames

  1. I will give you an estimate on when the work will be finished. But that’s only an estimate! Though I promise it won’t be +/- 1 year. If you need it done before a certain deadline, be sure to mention that.
  2. If you want to make significant changes after I have started to work on the project (sorry, I wanted a dragon and not a charr!), the estimates will be off. We will need to discuss the price again in that case.


  1. I retain the copyrights to all commissioned artworks. The characters, of course, belong to you.
  2. You are free to post the art publically anywhere you like, provided the watermark on the image is left intact, you don’t claim it as your own work, and you give me credit for it. You’ll get a version without watermark text for your personal use.
  3. I will post the artwork on my own webpages.
  4. If you wish that your commission remains private, please tell me beforehand. There is an extra fee for private as I cannot use it on my portfolios nor for future marketing.
  5. The copyrights of all your characters used will remain yours. I will not reuse them in any way.
  6. It is not allowed to create NFTs of any commissioned work nor use them in any crypto token scheme.

3D prints

  1. Material used is PLA with optional acrylic colors and acrylic varnish. These are mildy water resistant but don’t bath them. Chemicals like alcohol or acetone and any detergent is no-go. Care needs to be taken for cleaning to avoid damage.
  2. Colors may contain toxic substances but I always try to avoid cheap paint of questionable quality.
  3. UV resistance of the paint depends widely on the pigment. Some, like metallic paints are perfectly stable, some others may have low lightfastness. The varnish contains UV blocker but it’s not advisable to put them onto a shelf that gets direct sunlight all day.

Shipping items

  1. Any damage during transport must be reported immediately after receiving. You may request a replacement or refund in that case. In case of refund, I need to file a claim with DHL first and will refund you as soon as I have received my money from them.
  2. Providing a working shipping address is your responsibility. If an item is returned to me as undeliverable, I will need to charge shipping for another attempt unless DHL refunds me the costs.
  3. All packaging and filling material will be recycled or reused. Plastic can’t be avoided completely as the items will be sealed in a bag with desiccant (silica gel ). I will always use DHL’s reduced co2 options when they are available for the given route. Some of them increase transit time slightly.


  1. I reserve the right to refuse a commission without any reason given.

Contact information

Discord: Kiza#2150