Augsburg Zoo 2023-08-12

Really sleepy looking fennec fox with a paw in front of her face giving her that "Leave me alone" kind of look.
Sleeping fennec fox curled up behind some larger stones and halfway obscured by it. Her eyes are almost all closed but her ears were probably tracking my camera.
A cuddle pile of 4 meerkats in the sand.
A pile of meerkats looking at something above in the sky. It was a helicopter flying overhead.
A blue peacock walking along the side of a path.
Capybara with her young sitting on a ground covered with twigs and a bit of vegetation.
An extremely fluffy sparrow sitting on a green metal fence. Maybe a bit fat from all the visitors throwing food at them but let's pretend it's all feathers!
A sparrow sitting on a green painted metal fence.
A sparrow sitting on a concrete path. This one has a rather colorful brown feather cover and very orange feet.
Close up of a rhino standing below a larger tree in the grass. The horn looks massive and it seems to have had a mud bath recently.
A seal splashing some water with its fin. It's looking at the keeper that was tossing out fishes. Well, fish parts honestly. :p
A very sleepy tiger sleeping on a wooden lookout ignoring everyone, especially the ones trying to take photos.
A fennec fox woken up by the camera looking directly at it. Doesn't seem to be much awake.
Close up of a fennec fox photographed from the side, mostly only the head is visible. She looks very sleepy and her eyes are closed.

August 12, 2023