Augsburg Zoo 2023-09-23

Close up of a fennec fox sleeping on a tree log, eyes every so slightly opened.
A fennec fox curled up into a croissant sleeping on an old tree log.
Close up of a fennec fox in croissant shape sleeping peacefully on a tree bark.
Slightly grumpy looking fennec fox sleeping in a sunny spot on a tree log.
Really fluffy looking fennec fox asleep on a tree log. Although her eyes are ever so slightly opened.
Fennec fox munching on the remnants of a grasshopper. Mostly only some wings are left... and the occasional leg.
A maned wolf approaching through thick undergrowth.
A fennec fox sniffing on the ground. She is looking for more leftovers from the grasshopper she dismembered just a minute before.

September 23, 2023

Sponsor day 2023

These were taken on the sponsors’ day 2023. She got some little grasshopper snacks which she dismembered quickly. We were also tortured with stories about fennec foxes having extremely dense and soft fur but never allowed to pet one. Cruel world.