Augsburg Zoo Nov 2023

A very sleepy looking striped hyena. Seems to by lying on her belly and almost back of her neck at the same time. Hyenas are liquid too.
A peacock calculating an escape trajectory and about to jump onto a green gate double its own height. The jump worked.
A curled up and very sleepy looking little fennec fox.
Another very sleepy looking fennec fox in croissant shape. Or maybe it's a donut already. Definitely close.
A younger looking leopard sitting on a tree branch and looking closely at all the strollers in front of the enclosure behind me.
A tiger lying on a wooden platform looking into the camera.
A sleeping tiger on a large wooden platform, eyes are closed.
A really fluffy looking sparrow, I'd hate to call it fat but I am sure they won't starve with all the visitors in the zoo.

November 19, 2023