Fenya's Dream - Just Foxing Around

May 24, 2023
This is the first chapter of the story and the only one I will put out in detail like this outside the game. Would be quite the spoiler otherwise. The beginning follows Fenya on one of her adventures, …

Fenya's Dream - The World of a Dream

May 10, 2023
In the last post I wrote a bit about our foxy character, this time it will be about the world itself. What it is, how it functions and what you can expect to find in it. Fenya’s world is kind of a …

Fenya's Dream - The Journey Begins

April 20, 2023
To put it with some popular words… where to begin? Fenya’s Dream will be a game about exploring a dream of some sorts. You are going to play a very curious fox tracing the steps of a civilization long …