Fenya's Dream - Just Foxing Around

  • Last edit: May 24, 2023

This is the first chapter of the story and the only one I will put out in detail like this outside the game. Would be quite the spoiler otherwise. The beginning follows Fenya on one of her adventures, so…

Let’s become a fox!

Chasing after a strange blue glowing butterfly, Fenya exits a deep and dark forest part to arrive at a sunny clearing on a very bright day. “This forest part is strange again. Hey, wait for me!” But the butterfly ascends high into the trees of the grove to finally dissolve or get out of her sight.

A little disappointed about losing her strange toy, she takes a look at the clearing she just arrived. Scattered ruins surround the place, creating a circular space all around a weathered monolith in the center that catches Fenya’s attention. The ground is partly overgrown with vines and foliage, but she can make out a strange language carved into it.

The text reads: Transfer Gate 018-C

She walks closer to the strange monolith in the center and walks around it until finally sitting down in front of it, wondering what it might be. “This must be one of the best preserved such ruins I have discovered yet. I wonder what it used to be for.”

Her mind wanders off, daydreaming about things a great and ancient civilization built on this world and left for her to discover. She imagines great structures rivaling what nature itself built. But what made it fall into ruin like this? And how old are those things? She decides to inspect it more in detail.

Standing closer to the monolith she sniffs at the surface a few times wondering if it would smell any different than the rest of the ruins. “Hm, doesn’t really have a distinct smell.” Running her nose over the the surface of the object she suddenly feels a tiny jolt of electricity and moves back a bit. It was gone again, but she notices there is some sort of impression for a paw on the surface… “Wait, that does’t fit my paw at all, it’s so much larger. What if I touch that thing with my paw and… oh”

She backs away from the monolith that suddenly has flickering runes in cyan light up on its surface. At first barely noticeable, then they suddenly become bright enough to shine light onto the clearing. The surface of the object is covered in text she can’t read.

38150A10C The Dreamer has awakened.

Initiating power-up sequence for generators 04-A, 06-A, 07-C, 10-C
Malfunction detected on power grid B
Transfer Gate 018-C coming online
Warning: Power-up sequence could not be completed, gate destination set to coordinate outsFA04idC1 198B0B
Err01B4r: DestinatiAA4001 o8wA0ion wiw 9powerb1p breach800BAC59

Drawing closer again to sniff at the thing, the runes suddenly start to flicker again and then vanish. A little bit disappointed she circles around the monolith, hoping the glow will come back but nothing happens. Until suddenly a dark mist creeps into the scene that starts to slowly mute all her senses. Worse even, it slowly eats all the color from the world the longer she stays inside it.

A bit unease by this development she backs off towards the greener part of the clearing but the mist seems to move towards her. Slowly panicking she decides to not to stay and find out what is happening but runs for an opening in the forest on the opposite side. Entering some kind of labyrinth of paths and openings in the undergrowth she makes her way to another clearing this time surrounded by overgrown walls and the only opening being where she came from. A chasm with a weirdly flickering holographic surface leads over it towards some sort of mirror on the other side.

It is far too wide to jump but the mist seems not able to cross it. Putting a paw onto the flickering light “What is this thing… it supports my weight? Can I just… walk on it?”

Having nowhere to go except forward, Fenya takes the farthest jump she can towards a more brightly lit looking part of the light surface… only to fall right through it into the very dark chasm below.

After a long fall and a hard impact on the bottom she slowly opens her eyes, finding herself in a dark cave of some sorts surrounded by what looks like strange machinery and cables running along the walls. She can only barely lift her head after the fall. Following the cables with her eyes they converge at a huge panel of some sorts that slowly comes to life.

One by one the cables start to light up, their other ends leading each to an obelisk that surrounds the spot where she lies. Slowly the whole room is filled with a light blueish glow while everything hums back to activity. A floating holographic ring starts to form around her, ascending from the obelisks in the room and then another until they form a pattern of lines before her eyes. She can make out a few alien runes lighting up around the floor she lies on.

Not much she can read, but she can make out a machine voice and some bits she could understand:

Transfer Gate 018-C online
Destin6174ion 019-291-0 B05D err6Fr

She takes all her strength to get up to leave this place but can only lift her head. The glow of the rings around her gets brighter but start to fade from cyan to white. Everything from the metal of the machines, the colors of the cables to the stone on the ground starts to lose its color until the world finally turns to shades of black and white.

With the glow fading and the cave slowly turning to darkness she loses her strength to lift her head further and lies down again, hoping this was all a dream to wake up to soon.

Following this intro, Fenya will wake up in another world for her to explore. But that’s probably for another chapter.